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Glenasmole NS ยป Wind Farm Visit

Wind Farm Visit: Green Schools Committee

Mount Lucas Bord Na Mona Wind Farm

The Green School Committee travelled down to Mount Lucas Bord Na Mona Wind Farm. We had a great day out. We got to visit their education centre. We were given a presentation on Wind Farms and how the wind turbines are built and all the information about them and how they are a form of renewable energy. We took a virtual tour of a wind turbine. This was very exciting seeing the inside of the turbine and standing out on the top of it.

We visited their education area where we got to take a quiz, listen to information about energy- saving energy at home and the greenhouse effect, we got to compete against each other in making the fastest wind turbine using different materials and shapes.

We then got to actually go out to one of the wind turbines and touch it and see its actual size. It was a great day out and we learnt lots about wind turbines and renewable energy.