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Second Class Book List 2018 – 2019

A Book Rental scheme operates in our school. This covers the textbooks required for all areas of the curriculum. Parents are requested to purchase workbooks at each class level and to contribute towards the cost of photocopying of additional worksheets for class and homework.

Workbooks which you will need to purchase. Please cover these books, put the child’s name clearly on the cover and have them ready for September:

Handwriting Today B (Prim Ed)

Planet Maths 2 (Folens)

Exercise your English 2 (EdCo)

Table Toppers 2 (CJ Fallon)

My First Communion and Penance Workbook (CJ Fallon)

The total which you will need to pay to cover all other expenses for Second Class is €50.00 which covers:

School Journal – €5.00

Stationery, copies, folders – €10.00

Photocopying – €10.00

Art and Craft materials – €10.00

Book Rental – €15.00

Textbooks and programmes covered by Book Rental Scheme

Grow in Love – Religion

Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar

Reading Zone and Sunny Street readers

Supplementary readers e.g. Oxford Reading Tree

Abair Liom – Gaeilge and Gaeilge readers

SESE Books

Other items which each child will need to bring to school and have at home for homework

Each child will need a pencil case with pencil, rubber, parer, ruler, red pen & colouring pencils. They will not need any copies. Children are not allowed to bring markers to school. They should also have a Tables Book for learning maths tables at home.

As per last year we are proposing a €50 Voluntary Contribution per family in order to help us resource our school.  Please note that this is a Voluntary Contribution and there is no pressure to contribute.  If you would like to contribute we would be grateful if you could send in the money by the end of September.

The school re-opens on Friday 31st August  2018